It don’t mean a thing…

Last year I posted a video of myself swinging the club [link]. Its remarkable how little changes with one’s swing despite conscious effort. It also means that your best chance at a natural swing is to learn it as a child. Despite learning at 10, I never really tried to play golf well nor live well by golfism until now. The nice thing about those boring (to me) trips to the range with dad was I did learn to swing fully and not have any really funny looking loops, jags, or stops. The trick is to create a simple platform to base your entire game on. It starts with the grip and being loose. Having a good tempo helps. Beyond that, its the mysteries.

3 thoughts on “It don’t mean a thing…

  1. Hey there, Doc. At first glance, I like the strong set-up over the ball – notably the firm grip. Grip can’t be improved; that’s as good as it gets. Stance, legs looked good too, weight distribution, etc, appears quite solid and ready for what may come. Thought left shoulder looked tense, but then into the swing it wasn’t a factor – swing was smooth. How controlled are you at working the ball? (I could only hear a bit of the audio, old IBM) And, are you happy with your distance? Best, Chris

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  3. Thanks Chris. My swing feels good -I run into trouble tweaking it. For example, doing a 3/4 swing would may sense in compacting all my moves, but for I can’t get over how unnatural it feels. I can shape fades and slices at will, can dial in a hook, but the solid draw and straight shot is dicey. Distance is okay -I can fly it 230 and roll to 250 with little effort. When I’m feeling good and the wind is at my back, 270-290 is achievable. I’ve traded distance for accuracy.

    The great irony is with the 460cc driver, I am more consistent with it than my wedges which give me fits when I take full swings. Here I am working on that 3/4 move.

    I plugged in my scores, and my index moved from 19 to 17 this spring. The goal is to summit this mountain -scratch. There, I said it.

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