The Game

img_0011I haven’t found a single golf game I could recommend for the iPhone, not a single one. Mario Golf for the Gameboy is the best I’ve seen so far. But, I have found The Game for my iPhone. Every computer I have owned had its Game. My first computer, the Coleco Adam, came with Buck Rogers, but it was the Coleco cartridge game, War Games, from the movie, that managed to blister my thumbs. In college, I had a Fat Mac, with all of 512k and two disk drives, and the Game for it was Dark Castle. Subsequently, in medical school, the Game was Spaceward Ho! for which the authors have ported to OSX -played it on Quadra 900. Funny thing has been that I never got into the 3D shooter games -the closest thing was Turok for the Nintendo 64, both of which I received for free from a friend who was the tech writer for Newsweek. My favorite arcade game in college was a game whose name I don’t remember involving playing as an elf, a dwarf, a wizard, or least favorite -a human. My favorite pinball game was Taxi or Pinbot, whichever was not occupied at the time. The last game that would qualify as The Game was Myth played on a Powerbook G4 that J brought home from work.

The Game shown above is Fieldrunners, available on the iTunes App Store. It is easy to learn, fun to watch and listen to (machine guns, little gnomes squealing as they get mowed down), and completely engrossing. There is a spot on my brain, maybe a tumor, that gets rubbed when I play certain video games, and it just GETS ME. Now, if they get Spaceward Ho! on the iPhone, I’m truly a dead man.

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